Joseph E - Weston, Florida

"Watch watch you do in Public."

Lindsay W - Prairie Village, Kansas

"Ethics rules."

John O - Green River, Wyoming

"I will not challenge, or accept a challenge to, duel with my judges."

Demetria T - Barre, Vermont

"Always be honest with the Court. You can still get in trouble for honest mistakes (case re: attorney who went next day to say he misspoke about submitting motion to bifurcate)"

William N - Belleville, Kansas

"exhibit extreme patience when dealing with difficult clients"

TERRY G - Portland, Maine

"I think I will pay closer attention to website and facebook"

Aaron V - Webster Groves, Missouri

"think before you speak!"

Emily S - Gillette, Wyoming

"Deal with personal anger issues with counsel/Judges sooner rather than later outside the Courtroom before it affects the proceedings."

Michael D - Portland, Maine

"Say I don't know when you don't know."

Sarah L - Presque Isle, Maine

"Better to admit that you don't know something."