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Overcoming Procrastination - How to Kick the Habit

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Legal Ethics
Irwin Karp, Esq.
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Procrastination creates undue stress. Delaying work can be a form of self-sabotage, affect productivity and result in errors. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these problems.

This session will focus on helping lawyers recognize the factors that contribute to procrastination and how to complete work with more control and less crisis management. Attendees will learn: how to recognize your individual style of procrastination and overcome it; how to break down legal work into component parts so it doesn’t appear so overwhelming; and, how to focus on what you really need to accomplish.




Irwin Karp, Esq.'s Profile

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Productive Time

Irwin Karp is a productivity consultant with Productive Time in Sacramento, California.  He is also an attorney.


Irwin is a graduate of George Washington University law school, worked at the US EPA for a number of years, and was in the private practice of energy & environmental law in California for over 20 years.  For the past 13 years, he has conducted training programs and consulted with business, government, bar associations, law firms and service professions on organizational skills and time management to increase productivity. He has presented programs in the US and Canada on time management, project management, delegation skills, managing e-mail & smartphones, overcoming multitasking, running effective meetings, and overcoming procrastination.




Overall:      4.4

Total Reviews: 63


Alexander L - Encino, California

"Simple before hard. Start with easy."

Hannah B - Pittsfield, Maine

"Weekly planning."

Andrew F - Salem, Oregon

"use of "do date""

Estevan S - Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Do dates"

Richard B - Newberg, Oregon

"Breaking projects I avoid into smaller parts and accomplish them."

Timothy W - Portland, Maine

""DO date" instead of "DUE date""

Angela F - Norman, Oklahoma

"Developing a plan of action, to put my mind in the direction of doing some work on my project. "

Stuart G - Scottsdale, Arizona

"Using action plans and also regular time tracking"

Nancy C - Saint Louis, Missouri

"personal action plan"

Colleen O - Kansas City, Missouri

"Keep lists and change self talk to more positive language."