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How to Maintain A Diverse Legal Workforce and Eliminate Bias, In Any Economic Environment

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Elimination of Bias |  General |  Law Practice Management
Katy Goshtasbi, Esq.
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Our personal brands make us unique as lawyers.  They also create an environment where conflict reigns and diversity is lacking if the personal brand distinctions are not clarified and harnessed well.  The result is a happier workforce, collaborative work environment, maximum efficiency and better attorney-client relationships and attorney- attorney relationships.
In this interactive session, learn:
  • the shocking connection between diversified legal environments that actively seek to eliminate bias and attorney-client/attorney-attorney relationships
  • how you can have a corporate legal culture that mitigates business risk AND still drives creativity and innovation- of employees and the law firm brand
  • how you can maintain a diverse law firm and utilize this diversity to grow- including better hiring and managing/terminating employees
  • the Five “Cs” of brand management to achieve, and cultivate, diversity in your law firm environment and in attorney-client relationships



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Puris Consulting

Katy Goshtasbi is a branding, diversity and growth expert and founder of Puris Consulting. She works with law firms, lawyers and organizations on growing with diversity, in size and profits, by mastering change and developing brands that get their message out effectively and ethically. The results include happier, more productive lawyers, reduced stress, attracting better clients and more revenues. Katy practiced securities law for over 14 years at the US Securities & Exchange Commission, on Capitol Hill, in a major law firm and in-house.  She has written two books on the subject matter, one for the ABA. She was the 2018-2019 Chair of the ABA Law Practice Division and 2020-2021 Chair of the Division's Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

She can be reached by email at


Thu, May 26, 2022 - 12:00pm to 01:02pm CDT



Overall:      4.3

Total Reviews: 140


Tim P - Hampden, Maine

"strategy "

Gabriel E - Portland, Maine

"Create a plan. "

Reid J - CHICAGO, Illinois

"Developing my personal brand."

Scott S - Portland, Maine

"self awareness, branding and the link to a better path"

Meegan B - Jefferson, Maine

"Never thought about branding, or really about how stress may impact both perceptions and how aware I am of my biases."

Susannah S - Mexico, Maine

"To develop & leverage my own uniqueness as a tool for growth, both personally & professionally. Which I knew, at heart, but it was a good confirmation. My authentic self is the only self that is going to help me succeed."

Stacie N - Attleboro, Massachusetts

"I will be taking this training back to the partners at my office"

Joseph G - Lewiston, Maine

"Own it, sell it"

PATRICK T - Portland, Maine

"Thinking about diversity as it relates to branding."

Thomas C - Wellesley, Massachusetts

"Be more self aware. "

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